Weekend Update

So ... let's just say that our weekend did not involve high society parties and thrilling adventures. I feel relatively safe in saying that our weekend involved:

* Dust. Yep, it still lives and thrives on every surface. Today could possibly be the last dust-inducing day and then it won't be long until the new floors begin to unveil themselves.

* Yuck. PDaddy feels like yuck. He's into his second cycle (of four) of this (which had always been anticipated to happen after surgery recovery) round of chemo.

*Yum. I am half way through reading this most delightful book. Absolutely yummy. If the term hadn't been overused and commercialized, I would even venture to say ... Yum-mo.

So ... how was your weekend? Do tell. We are more than happy to live through it vicariously.
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salmagundi said...

Your weekend sounds about exciting as ours! Tell PDaddy to hang in there and absorb all of the prayers being sent his way. My daughter went through 7 months of chemo after stage 4 brain cancer. Apparently, there is no other way to feel but YUCK!!! It does end; then you really appreciate the good days. Sally

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

I agree with the "Yum", am loving the book AND as the survivor of remodeling, the dust keeps coming!!!!XO