Dust a Move

So ... we're living in a dust bowl. Right now we can sit on our bed or in the office ... or on patio furniture in the middle of the family room. The living room and garage are full of furniture and everything ... from the countertops to the tops of cereal boxes ... is covered in silt.

Our tile has been removed and it didn't go out without a fight. Our tile was tough. Ask Kevin, our super-handy-dandy-man. I'm sure he wishes that our tile had been wimpy.

It will all be worth it, I promise. Just wait until you see the final results. In the meantime, there might not be much blogging going on. 'Cause let's face it, I can only take so many pictures of dust.

And to add to the fun I'm headed off to do Jury Duty tomorrow. My first time ever. Someone tell me what I have to look forward to.

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steph said...

jury duty?! awesome. i think that you should dress up as princess leia a la tina fey in 30 rock... uh-mazing.

as for the tile - just 1 month 'til i get to see it in person! hurrah!

Angy said...

oooo can't wait to see the new tile! although, i do feel for you living in dust! ugh. that's no fun!

as for jury duty... that's no fun either, but at least you can breathe clean air :) they'll keep you in a room with 50 people or so, you have to then get picked (randomly i'm guessing?). they'll pick like 25 or so and then you'll sit in a court room and the judge will ask everyone questions one by one (it's really quite intimidating!). then you'll go to lunch and come back and they tell you which 12 they'll keep. they didn't keep me so i don't know what goes on next :P good luck!! :)

hilari said...

exciting new floors! i can't wait to come see it in when they are finished.

Renee said...

Looks like fun . . . yippee new flooring! It is going to look FABULOUS in your "simple happy home" - hoping it goes smoothly.

How have you avoided jury duty? . . . it seems like I get a summons every year! It is interesting to watch the judicial system at work - though it moves as slow as molasses. Take some stitching with one of the disk thread cutters - no scissors allowed last time I was there. Good Luck
xoxx, Renée

serenitymeadow said...

My goodness...there may be dust but what a beautiful room...so full of light...it looks happy and peaceful. I really like it.

salmagundi said...

I love makeovers, so am looking forward to your new floors. (Probably not as much as you are, however!!!) I've always rather enjoyed jury duty. It is an opportunity to experience the judicial system at work. However, if you are chosen to be on the jury; there can be some very difficult decisions to be made. Hope your experience is educational, if nothing else. Sally

ginny said...

I have also never been called to jury duty (although my number is up in February), but I've been on the other side of the jury box at a trial. The public inquiry into all the jurors' lives that Angy described above is the most dynamic part; if you're actually picked for a jury, it will go downhill pretty fast and your biggest struggle will be learning to sleep with your eyes open.

Man, if you get picked for a high-profile case and sequestered during the trial, the timing could work out just right for you to have free hotel accommodations while your floors are redone!

P Daddy said...

I was thinking it would be a good time to invite the Joads over for dinner.

Mary said...

Jury Report:
I sat there for 8 solid hours and watched 3 movies and read part of one book. None of the movies involved a jury, but the book was a John Grisham ... which at least had some connection to lawyers. But then ... I have a connection to lawyer(s) on a daily basis.

And that's as close as I got to actually being on a jury.

ginny said...

I'll be expecting my cabbage patch kid from woolworth's in the mail.