smashing pumpkins

So ... my picture here has nothing to do with the subject of my post, which has nothing to do with pumpkins ... which is exactly my point.

Are you following so far?

My point is this: Last weekend (that would be the first full weekend in November) both of my favorite radio stations went to "all Christmas music ... all the Time". Last year they (and there was only one then) started the weekend before Thanksgiving and even then, I thought it was too early.

So this year they moved it back not one week, but two. I can only respond to this with one word:

I'm sorry people, but this is just plain wrong. And do you want to know what is wrong-er? I'm listening to it. Yep ... singing along. Oh yes ... and to top it all off, I have started my Christmas shopping as a result! (That last one is actually a plus, but I threw it in for effect.)

I tried to find another station, but it was too hip for me and I was afraid it would make me more hip than I already am, and the non-hip woman you have grown to know and love would fade into the background.

In the meantime, I'll try to squeeze some more juice (figuratively) out of my pumpkins for a couple more weeks. And when the time is right ... Bing and I will tell you when it's okay to begin to look a lot like Christmas.

So let's vote:

A: Heresy.

B: The Economy needs it, let's face it.

C: Bring it on and make sure to include The Chipmunks, Snoopy & the Red Baron and "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas."

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steph said...

you know my vote ... heresy, for sure. but i am mosdef surprised by your reaction. i figured that you would listen to christmas music all year long if it were socially acceptable.

if you want, i'll fly out there and line pumpkins across your driveway... ya know - in an effort to drag fall out a little bit longer.

oh, and you are pretty dang hip.

Mrs. Dub said...

heresy that early, but honestly let's just cut out thanksgiving. we'll keep the gratitude idea for christmas and spread the smorgasbord out over the season.

it's cold here and the only good excuse for that is christmas. nov. 15 is the new christmas season start date in my opinion.

Lillian said...

I just don't get it. For me, it diminishes the actual holiday...it dilutes it meaning. (But then don't get me started on how the holiday has been co-opted by business interests and the general public.)

P Daddy said...

As far as the music, I have a low boredom and redundancy threshhold (explains lots of undone math homework years ago) so the Christmas songs get on my nerves quickly is they start broadcasting them too soon. I prefer to limit my "Christmassy" feelings to about two weeks before the holiday and would like to restrict the music to the same timeframe.

I'd probably put the same restriction on Christmas decorations, though anytime after Thanksgiving is okay by me for those.

However, I recognize retailers are really hurting this year, so breaking out the merchandise or sales early doesn't bother me. But then I stay pretty far away from the stores and malls anyway, and usually do most shopping in a couple of late, extended, nighttime frenzies.

quilterpolly said...

christmas music should not start till after thanksgiving. Don't get me wrong I love my christmas music but pretty soon it will be all year round. Lets take each holiday and enjoy it:)

Kelli and Craig said...

Heresy...I get bored of it too quickly.