So ... remember how I won another GiveAway from the Jolly Jabber (aka the Fat Quarter Shop) and then I never checked back to see if I had won, but she hunted me down and then I couldn't wait until it arrived?

Well ... yesterday it arrived and since I was expecting some "charm packs" or even "jelly rolls", I couldn't figure out why the package was so dang heavy.

And then I opened it. And then I gasped just a little. Drool may or may not have been expelled.

What you see here is forty-two (count em, 42!) fat quarters from the newest* line "Aviary" by those secretive, yet talented 3 Sisters at Moda. I am stunned. I am excited.
I am very, very grateful.
Thank you Jolly Jabber. And for the record, I want you to know (somewhat sheepishly) that I did go back to your blog ... I was just so busy looking at the pictures that I never read the text.
And that, my dear friends, is a serious True Confession.
* I'm not even sure it's out yet.
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salmagundi said...

How lucky are you!! Those are beautiful fabrics just waiting for your talented hands to turn them into something wonderful. Sally

steph said...

that looks like an impressive loot to me. i think i see some nice polka-dots hiding in that bottom photo. can't wait to see what you use these for!

Mrs. Dub said...

wow! talk about color karma - those hues are so you.

Angy said...

yay for winning!

steph said...

how in the heck didn't i see your header 'homies' until right now?! that makes me smile ear-to-ear. very awesome!

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

Congrats!!!!! Can't wait to see what you do with those beautiful fabrics!!! (couldn't have happened to a better person!)

P Daddy said...

Pretty impressive score there.

And, if you get lazy quilting, we'll never run out of beautiful hankies and placemats (got to run, I can hear the quilt police coming to get me).

ginny said...

Wow. How are you ever going to use all of these? You might need help from a certain daughter who is visiting at Thanksgiving.

Renee said...

what a great prize - love that moda fabric group!

"And if I could ask a very personal question" (LOL) - just what are you going to do with that lovely stack of fabrics?

It was great to see you and visit a little bit last week - we should do that more often!
xoxx, Renée