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So ... I swear to you that this is my last food related post for awhile. I'm starting to look like I'm a wiz in the kitchen. Worse yet ... I'm starting to feel like I'm a wiz in the kitchen.

And we certainly can't have that now, can we?

As part of a Halloween Party on Friday night over at Glamma Fab's* house ... I made the above pictured "finger-food". I googled "Halloween finger foods" and this came up on a Family Circle website ... I think. I went to Cooks.com ... my favorite recipe website ... for the crust recipe and ... voila ... spiderweb pizza.

(Note: The cheese is supposed to be layed out into a spiderweb shape using string cheese. I clearly didn't cut the cheese into thin enough pieces. I think the web shape would be more evident had I cut thinner strips.)

The best part of this recipe is that it involves black olives. I love black olives. They are probably my all-time favorite non-sugary food.

And yours?

*The party was most delightful as all parties are at the Fabulous House. Watching her five daughters dance is like tasting just a wee bit of Heaven. (PDaddy and I did not get our pictures taken, but then our costumes only involved t-shirts and head wear. Let's face it, we're wimps. )
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Mrs. Dub said...

Just last night Miss Dub was chowing down on black olives and I said, "Your nanny could survive on olives and mushrooms alone." (And maybe some cereal with a sprinkling of chocolate chips.)

p.s. I almost bought that wreath at JoAnn's.

salmagundi said...

I'll have to remember this! My grandkids would love a spider-web pizza. Thanks for sharing. Sally

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

that pizza was all gone the next time I passed the tablle to get some! It was FABULOUS looking and I loved your skeleton pirate costumes! So SAD that we didn't get a picture taken!!!!!!!!!XOXO you much!!!

P Daddy said...

The olive spiders were very convincing, but the pizza was quickly snapped up anyway. Glamma Fabulous' Halloween Party was, as you would expect, well fabulous. This woman never ages, is a marvelous artist, a costume laureate, and a great hostess with a lovely home that is welcoming and comfortable, and her husband is just the best and wisest person in the world. So the party was wonderful!!

I would have to say that for a non-sugary food, and most of my favorites are non-sugary, a really good hamburger or great piece of fried chicken or terrific pizza (with or without olive spiders) would be right up there, but that leaves out so many others.

brookegfunk said...

Your Pizza was AWESOME . Soo glad you guys made the trek! Love ya!

mrs. r said...

we totally made this spiderweb pizza at our halloween party.

thank you so much for the idea. it was easy and delish!