Retro Rejoicing!

So ... it's Friday ... finally!! The day I get to put the names into a bowl and come out with ... Ginger's name! Congratulations to Ginger who picked Butterfly #7 and will be the happy recipient of some very happy fabrics. I have seen Ginger's work and I know that my fabrics are going to a good home.

It's not a surprise that the winner's choice was #7 (thirties/retro) because that was also the winning block ... by far! Coming in second was butterfly #4 (two/tone/red/white) and in third place was #5 (kids) because ... well, who doesn't love a happy face in the middle of a butterfly wing.

As you can see, I have been ... playing ... with my butterflies since we last spoke. I cannot tell you how much fun I have had. This has been some of the most fun sewing I have done since ... I last had a lot of fun sewing. I will show off all the blocks eventually (I currently have 7 out of twelve completed) because each one comes to life with a handy/dandy border.

So ... I suppose you are still wondering what I am doing with these. The truth is that they are all going into the same quilt. (What the heck!?!) It will be the sample for a new club I am starting over at Bernina Connection that is just for quilters. I have felt strongly since I started teaching quilting classes that I want to encourage new (and old) quilters to make quilts with the fabrics/styles they choose ... not just like the one in the sample. I'm calling this the Patchwork Pilot Club ... because I hope to teach quilters to fly. No doubt you will be hearing more about this in the future.

Now back to the Kingdom to sew some more. Thanks to you all for participating in the infamous Butterfly Vote.

You guys are the best.
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Dana said...

If I send you a little something something, would you change Ginger's name to my name?



I liked voting.

They are GORGEOUS!

ginger said...

Haha Dana, nice try! :-)

Yeah! I am so excited. I love all your little butterflies, and I think the idea of the quilt with so many different styles is a great one! I hope we get to see it when it is all completed!

salmagundi said...

I'm just sad I didn't win the fabric, but I love the way you are finishing off the blocks with the patchwork borders. Sally

Simply This and That said...

O.K. this is ridiculous! I can't win anything for nothin these days! LOL. Congrats Ginger. They are so cute. And my three favs won! ;o)

Sandi said...

Oh, I was a couple days late and a few dollars short as usual so I missed the butterfly fun. I won't miss again as I am going to add you to my favorites blog list. :-)