What's out YOUR window?

So ... we're home.


But, oddly enough, there are many things I will miss about our home-away-from-home. I will miss the experience of true city living. I will miss walking to get our groceries, and walking to downtown and the sense of community we had with everyone else who was walking in the opposite direction. I will miss looking out our window and seeing the lovely hotel and outdoor cafe (above) that was across the street.

Last week we received this picture from Sonny-boy and the Mrs. who live in a different city. This is what they saw out their Brooklyn window one week ago today. On the 11th. Of September. They also love their city views.

But today I could not be more grateful to look out my window and see my olive tree arching over the front walk. Yes ... I live in the suburbs and my house looks suspiciously like some of my neighbors' houses and it's still over 90 degrees out there in the shade.

But ... it's home.

So ... what are you looking at? What is your view? Feel free to show and tell.
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ginny said...

Right now I am looking out the window of my downtown LA office directly at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel (surrounded by a bunch of other skyscrapers and, in the distance, the Hollywood Hills).

When I'm at my apartment, all I can see out the window are overgrown trees and the top of the Helio building, with its dayglow sign that never turns off. Point is, city living has its limitations sometimes.

Welcome back!

MarySue said...

Funny you should ask since I just posted what I see in my backyard this morning. Welcome home.

LaundryBasketCase said...

Welcome home.
What I see out my back window is our garden and beyond that a field. I love the fence that my husband built, and th ehedge he has planted in front of the fence.
Great post!

MarySue said...
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Mrs. Dub said...

Every time that I look out my window at the lame playground set they have for the (hundreds of) kiddies who live in my complex, I think, "Just one swing. Is that too much to ask for?"

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

Sadly, I do not look outside of my front window much at all, and I always come in through the garage.(there's something wrong with this picture...)

quilterpolly said...

ok I have to share with you 2 stories...they don't involve looking out my window in my house but they do have to do with seeing. I was walking sophie on our evening walk around shoreline villege where I live in downtown long beach and today when we were walking around the marenia was an amazing view i wished i had my camerea with me. it was a fire boat shooting water out in the ocean and it was beautiful.

2nd vision this week was I was driving down to orange county and looking out my rear view mirror was the sun setting it was beautiful bright orange going down and then in the little space that you have between your mirror and the roof of your car was the full moon it was amazing...that is what i saw this week.
Glad you are home and all is going good:)

Simply This and That said...

Welcome Home ! So glad that all went well and you're got to come home early! I dream of looking out the window and seeing nothing but nature for miles. I hope my dream comes true someday.

Kelli and Craig said...

Glad your home!!

P Daddy said...

A giant part of why ours is a simplehappyhome is the presence in it of someone who takes homemaking (not a synonym for housekeeping) as an enriching, not a demeaning, calling and who finds great happiness in simple things at home.