Escape-i-chosis: A Real Disease

So ... remember how excited I am to be home and how much I missed my "normal" life and how nice it is not to take a 40 year old elevator down 6 floors in order to to my laundry?

Yeah. But as it turns out ... "normal" life is back with a vengence, and my "obligation-less" life that was boring me speechless a week ago is now the fodder of wistful memories.

The ol' calendar is full to the brim this week ... full of things I essentially enjoy and with people I have truly missed.

But ... they all take more energy than threading a needle and doing a crossword puzzle. All those little activities that I brought along to merely fill the time suddenly feel like they should be the essence of my day.

So ... how did this happen? Has this ever happened to you?

It stands to reason that I need a vacation. A three-hour tour would be perfect.

I just hope I pack enough evening gowns.

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salmagundi said...

Try to ease back into "real" life slowly and take care of yourself!! Sally

brookegfunk said...

Can ya ditch any of the commitments or delegate? I say crossword away and enjoy a 30 Rock and Office marathon.

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

We're all so glad that you are back though. XOXO

MarySue said...

Mary-I received your fabulous blogiversary quilt, fabric and chocolate. I feel like it's Christmas here. Much thanks and appreciation.