I'd like to thank the Academy ...

So ... guess what? I won an award! Someone hearts my blog!
I have been asked to the Prom.
Tara at Days Missed on a Hammock gave me this very prestigious honor. In return I have been asked to do the following. And if I link your blog here, I am asking you to do the same.
Here are the rules: 1. Please put the logo on your blog. 2. Link the person from whom you received your award. 3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs. 4. Put the links of those blogs on to your blog. 5. Leave a message on their blogs to tell them!
Ooh ... ooh ... so many lovely choices. How about ....
Kelley aka Glamma Fabulous
Nannette at Freda's Hive
Renee at Liberty Star
My British Friend at Linen Cupboard
and of course ... my own Mrs. Dub.
Thank you Tara for this lovely honor. You deserve to have a day on your hammock.
Now ... if I can just figure out how to put the icon on my sidebar without consulting the techies.


Leslie said...

thank you mrs ess! how flattering. and if this is equivalent to prom-asking, then i'm ever so grateful. i'm pretty sure my prom date asked me out of pity. but THIS is cuz you really like me. thanks!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Well thank you Mary. If I could I'd give you some peach jam! What a sweetheart you are. I love Your blog!

Simply This and That said...

Goodness Gracious! I'm speechless. LOL. Now that's a laugh! Thank you Mary! What a nice surprise today. It's a BEAUTIFUL SUNNY day today. I am LOVING this weather. LOVING it. This makes it even better.
It's been my pleasure to meet you in Blog Land my dear. ;o) ooxx ~jodi

Tara said...


Glad you like it--well deserved! To put on your sidebar--go to customize, layout, add gadget, scroll to add a picutre, find it on your computer and hit save--let me now if this helps!

brookegfunk said...

CONGRATS!!! I am super excited to know someone famous!

LaundryBasketCase said...

Thanks you so much Mary!
I'm flattered. Your blog certainly did deserve it, I really enjoy your blog. Thanks again!