So ... there's a reason that the Red Cross and the Swiss flag have something in common and that reason is this:

Swiss chocolate will cure what ails you. Or ... you won't even care about being sick.

I was lucky enough to be the recipient of this magical piece of pure swiss chocolate. Hand carried from Switzerland. From the proprietors of this store who took an excursion there, courtesy of Bernina.

Now ... I really, really like their sewing machines. And I generally feel better after sewing on mine.

But this ... this ... is different.

This is a medical miracle.

So ... what delectable goodness does it for you??

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hilari said...

i need chocolate cupcakes and ice cream all the time. it is a major problem.

then i will top things off with some chips and salsa.

MarySue said...

Home made, from "scratch" German chocolate cake or apple pie...of course made with butter. Thanks for the delectable chocolates you shared with me in your contest-they disappeared at a shocking rate.