Reality Programming

So ... on Wednesday, I came to Stark Realization #1 that I was meaning to make new samples (i.e. small quilts) for two classes I regularly teach at The Bernina Connection. Paper-Piecing and Machine Applique. Ideally those samples would be done by next Monday.

I marched straight upstairs to begin ... only to be faced with Stark Realization #2 that my sewing room had been hit by a tornado and needed major work including some furniture rearranging. (I actually took before and after pictures and was starting to post them until I came to Stark Realization #3 that most people would rather read the phone book than look at them.)

Stark Realization #4? There is no way on earth that I will actually complete one quilt, let alone two, before Monday. However I did complete two charming little blocks and I will persevere as time permits.

If this post sent you straight to the Yellow Pages ... just keep it to yourself. But, you have to admit ... at least I've got somethin'.
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P Daddy said...

You quilters are so clever!! Imagine, a block with alligator jaws poking through a red manhole cover to snatch an unsuspecting blue bird out of the air. If they applied ratings to quilts like they do to video games, you'd be in deep doo. Of course, you'll probably try to say it's a red flower basket with a blue flower peaking between green leaves or some such. But you can't fool me.

Celulite said...

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Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

I can never look at that block again the same, You and Pdaddy need to write a quilt block book together!!!!

ginny said...

Love the block. Hate the spam. Who on earth would choose "celulite" as a screen name anyway?

KSedlak said...

I found your blog through Bunny Hill Designs. I will enjoy reading more as time goes on.
I just love the applique block you have shown here.
Thanks so much for sharing.