Ode to Eric Byrnes

So ... it has begun once again. Baseball. Diamondbacks. Chase Field. Heaven.

We went to our first game of the season on Saturday night. They won. We cheered. A good time was had by all ... except, perhaps, the Padres.

We pretty much love baseball around here. We love it when they win and we still love ... the sport ... when our team loses. However ... let it be said that our team has the best record in all the major leagues right now.

Our team rocks.

FYI -- Eric Byrnes is my current favorite. PDaddy is well aware of this and does not disagree.

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steph said...

i LOVE me some byrnes! remember when you, sonny boy and i went to that amazing game that pdaddy had to miss out on... we sure missed pdaddy, but it was a great game. oh, oh, oh, and what about that game that pdaddy went to too, and the game was bomb diggity and then there were fireworks.

i love me some baseball.

did sonny boy tell you that i won some sweet tickets to see a red sox game in august? the tickets are seriously sweet -- 3rd row behind home plate. woot.

hilari said...

i am IN love with eric. i am pretty sure eric agrees.

Kelli said...

It is also "Baseball Mania" here at the Haggarton house!! Craig is a huge fan and I am quickly becoming one! We went to a couple games already and they were awesome! Eric Byrnes is cool but my favorite is Conor Jackson!!! OOOOOHHHH.....BABEEEEEEEE!!!!!

brooke gfunk said...

Yes I have two "sports girls" sisters and I am shocked at how quickly they have fallen in deep resounding love with D-Backs.(I suppose the fact that they sell Ben and Jerry's at the field doesnt hurt) I hear about their unrequited love with Conor and Eric with a heavy heart because my favorite thing about proffesional sports are the $8.00 bottled waters and foot long hot dogs...I also like the fireworks!

P Daddy said...

I just don't know whether to be threatened by the fact that your favorite is younger than some of our children or to be happy that you picked a guy who is always hustling, always has a dirty uniform, and is a thoroughly entertaining player. And, at least its better than your mooning over Steve Finley's blue eyes.