Dear in the Headlights

So ... I'm sorry ... but I just knew that the world would be a better place if they had a chance to witness this picture of my grandson, Mr. Gee.

His parents took him to a local SoCal zoo yesterday, where it was indeed "Customer Appreciation Day". They got free rides on the train. Mom held him while dad shot some photos. Part of the ride included a trip into a dark tunnel. Mr. Gee uttered nary a whimper. It wasn't until they viewed the pics at the end of the day that they realized he had been just a tad surprised at the change in scenery.

So ... I just had to share.

Hope you don't mind.

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steph said...

oh, i don't mind at all... bring on pics of my favorite nephew!

stephanie said...

oh that mr. gee is too handsome! also, where can i get a set of cheekbones like the ones on the lovely mrs. gee?

Kelli said...


P Daddy said...

Not sure for which offense Mrs. Gee should be arrested first: scaring the wits out of her little boy, being so darn pretty, or having such a cute kid.

brooke gfunk said...

Everyone is right Mrs. Gee is a vision of maternal loveliness and I think Lil Gee is about to whisper to her that he sees dead people or something.Wheres Bruce Willis when you need him?

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

I think kids are so funny when they have those genuine expressions of happy, surprised, sad ,scared, etc. Too bad they have to feel the bad emotions, but they are hilarious to look at!

Tara said...

Hee-hee! He sort of enjoyed it!