Driving in Circles

So ... I feel the pressure to blog even when I am not bubbling over with good material. Or any material. I'm drowning in fabric people, but I've got no material.

It's not my fault of course, it's the fault of the whole blogging system. But that is beside the point.

So, once again I have dipped into the picture archives and pulled up this quilt that I designed and made last year. If you look closely, you will see that all the fabrics are dotty, as well as a border with the same theme.

I am also dipping into the children archives to refer you over to this daughter's blog, La Dolce Vespa, to hear the most intelligent breakdown you have ever heard about driving on freeways ... most particularly in Los Angeles. (Don't think for one moment that most of it can't apply to where you live, however.)

Which brings me to the following True Confession: I am just not that fond of driving. I never have been. I would always prefer to be the passenger. It's that simple.

So ... I have the following questions: #1) Do you like to drive? #2) If so, why? #3) Do you think someone can learn to like to drive? and #4) Do you think my daughter should receive the Pulitzer Prize for her insights?

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Kate said...

I love that quilt. Very cute.
And no, I do not like to drive. I'd always rather be the passenger. And I don't think you can learn to like it either... unless you get a fancy new car or something that is just too fun to resist. And finally, YES, I think Ginny needs some sort of prize for her brilliance.

Melissa said...

#1) unfortunately for michael, i hate to drive and am ALWAYS the passenger.

#2) all the reason i hate to drive can be explained in the your daughters post!

#3) i learned to hate driving, i may be able to learn to un-hate it. but that would require moving away from LA

#4) yes your daughter does deserve the pulitzer! her rules should be printed by the millions and handed out with ALL drivers license applications.

Mrs. Dub said...

I DO like to drive, even though I let Mr. Dub take the wheel on occasion. But I'm an extremely nervous passenger - I don't like relinquishing control or wondering if the driver sees that guy in the road. It may stem from being a passenger with you as a child ... (mostly kidding.)

Maybe you should try quilting while driving. It could relax you.

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

I hate to drive in bad traffic, which is like all the time now here.
I do like to drive long distances (like hours) by myself and listen to books on tape.
I don't think someone can learn to like to drive, but I don't know much.
I'm going to LaDolce Vespa NOW!....
XOXO(thinking about you and Pdaddy lately, hope you are well)

ginny said...

You are all way too kind--I am not expecting any calls from the Pulitzer committee for my incessant rants and raves. But I do like to drive, especially on road trips before the part where my knee starts to hurt, but that's not to say that certain driving circumstances don't scare me (bridges, snow, etc.). And I do think one can learn to like to drive simply by doing it a lot, but nobody should feel compelled to learn to like to drive.

P Daddy said...

Love to drive, hate to be a passenger--I think I'd prefer to drive the train, plane, and boat, too, if I knew how. Love mountain roads, driving deserted city streets at night, and long and scenic drive--hate stop and go traffic and driving urban freeways in a new City for the first time. Also hate driving other people's cars.

I like cars, like speed, like control, and can't sleep in a vehicle or a chair.

I think most people either love or hate driving from the start. But I think you could go to Bondurant or something and learn to drive very well and like it more as a result.

Love the quilt, love you, think our traffic tips daughter is brilliant, but so are her sibs