Singing in the Rain!

So ... the Rainforest Quilt is quilted and bound. And if all goes well today it will be wrapped, boxed and mailed. My litte grand-nephew made his appearance three weeks ago, but he is probably too small to crawl around on this quite yet, so I am cutting myself some slack.

In other news: I am sick ... again! This would be the February version, not to be confused with the January version or the December version. Can I tell you how sick I am of being sick!

Oh ... and fyi ... taking leftover antibiotics (that have not expired) did nothing for me. Nothing. It's almost as if the medical community is conspiring against me because they just like to see me once a month.

I wonder how I can get that concept to work on my children. Hmmmmm . . . . .
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Tara said...

Love your quilt--hope you feel well, a rough winter!
Not fair to Mom!

Mary said...

What a beautiful quilt! Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I think perhaps you should take the full course of antibiotics and not have any leftovers -- that is how to beat the bug. :)

Feel better soon!

Angy said...

loooove the quilt!! super cute! :D
boo to being sick again! :( feel better soon.

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

Love the quilt. Also recommending taking the full course of antibiotics...I was with my sister who was in the hospital last week for this flu and the doctor stressed that even if she felt better, the antibiotics won't get rid of it untill they're all taken. (Alas, I have many times stopped taking them so that I could have some left....)Don't you just love getting beat up for a few comments on your blog?!!! XOXO
PS heard you got a new calling!

Mary said...

Just FYI ... the "leftovers" were from a time that they switched medicines on me, because I have come to know (especially recently) how very important it is to finish.

Interestingly enough though ... my doctor did not get mad at me for my self-medication. She actually thought it would have been a good idea ... if it had worked.

All I can say is ... thank youto my bestest friend, Mr. Z-pack.

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

whatever....ha-ha, love you!

P Daddy said...

Sorry you're sick and I haven't been around to take care of you because of a beastly deal at work. But that quilt is way sick (in the cool, awesome way). I am sure there is some quilty name for the pattern, but the alternating size rings (tho they're square) give it a very visually cool effect. Lucky little grand nephew -- I think we should call him a newt to stay in the rain forest motif.