Rain & Shine

So ... I have had some (ahem) complaints about my lack of blogging here. (Oh ... you know who you are.) I am truly sorry, really I am, because I think that it was still Summer when I last posted and now it is 100% Autumn. In AZ the Autumn pretty much arrives in December when there is no time or inclination to focus on it. I was so pleasantly surprised to see it arrive in September here. Who knew?

And on top of all the change in colors which I have been enjoying for several weeks now ... today it is raining! I am loving the rain. I did not love it so much in AZ where my yard and neighborhood had some serious drainage issues. However, here at my home in the Southland I just inhale and enjoy it. I just got back from the grocery store where I got soaked walking to and from my car. I even enjoyed every minute of that.

And lest my descriptions were giving you a chill ... here is Miss Dub3 to warm the cockles of your heart. Oh ... she is such a delight. I spent time with her this weekend (along with all the Dubs) and was nearly sweating from all the ... warming.

Maybe that's why I loved my walk in the rain today.

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PamKittyMorning said...

That is one cute baby. We've had a lot of rain the past couple of days, it's wonderful. I have the windows wide open even though my family is freezing. Love the fresh air.