My Quaint Little Town

So ... the community I live in has frequently been referred to (at least by the members of my family) as Toon Town. But, contrary to popular belief, the home pictured above is not mine. I could only wish my trash cans were that colorful!

The street lights in my community are not tied up in a knot. Nor is the traffic, for that matter.

I have electricity at my house. I also have an electric bill.

But these pictures didn't come from my house, they came from a very fun, exhausting and heavenly "stay-cation" I took this week with Ms. Gee. She arranged the entire thing for the two of us and I will never be able to say thank you enough.

We took hundreds of pictures, but oddly enough not a single one with the two of us in it.

Just picture us laughing, screaming and eating. Yep I'd say those were the three main activities.

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sara said...

How fun!! I'm so glad you went; what a fun little getaway.

ginny said...

Not true--we took the one of the two of us on the Mark Twain when you were showing off how your iPhone has cameras on both sides to let you snap the perfect self-portrait. That said, please don't post it!

It was TONS of fun and I am sad to be back in the real world today.