She. Is. One.

So ... can you believe it? L'il Miss Gee turns one year old today. And let me just say that the only thing that grows faster than her ... is her hair. That girl has a head of hair we could all aspire to have. It's thick and curly and beautiful. Just. Like. Her.

She also has a bit of a sassy attitude which only makes the hair thing that much more enjoyable.

She is also one of those rare babies who will keep the hair band IN her hair on a regular basis. (In the picture above she's also sporting a boo-boo on her nose, but it only seems to add to her charm.) Her talented mother makes all the hair bands, fyi.

I call her my "Girly Girl". She absolutely loves it when I say that. I can honestly say that she is rather fond of me. And visa-versa.

Happy Birthday to my Girly Girl. Nanny is very proud of you.

(My front door is drying as we speak and keeps me homebound once again. At least I have power which I didn't for 8 full hours yesterday. Boy ... I sure do love to complain, don't I?)

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sara said...

She's adorable!! I'm happy that you get to be near those cute little ones.

Angy said...

Happy Happy Birthday Miss Gee!!! Wow that year flew! She couldn't be any cuter! Just love her <3

Mrs. Dub said...

Happy b-day to that sweet pea. Now, I need to go send her present. Oops!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

She could not be any cuter! Happy Birthday, sweetness and light!