My Door has a Rash ~

So ... my door has a rash. A bumpy, itchy, ugly rash. I'm sorry to say that it has taken me 7 months (exactly) to tend to my door's poor ... itchy, ugly rash.

The good news is that I don't have to pay a penny for the medical bills. Well ... if you don't count that hefty sum I pay to my HOA which then pays for the medical bills.

Unfortunately the painter came today and could not do his job because it was too dang hot on my porch. (I believe that this explains the bumpy nature of the rash the first time the door was painted.) He could only apply some primer and will come back next week.

If this story bored you beyond belief ... then stick around for next week when ... I will discuss the paint drying in brutal detail.

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Ginger said...

We had a similar thing happen on our door in Indiana, and it wasn't a paint problem. The door had to be actually replaced because the people who had sealed the concrete on our porch, before the door was painted, got sealer on the door, which made it bubble. Hopefully your problem is just paint, but if it comes back, you might suggest the concrete sealer as the problem.

ginny said...

I have never had this happen to a door. Now I am scared to come to your house lest it is contagious.