~ Of Hassles & Tassles ~

So ... taking advantage of what little space was left after I plunked a very large piece of furniture right in front of a window ... I added curtains that I am oddly pleased with, considering the weird placement circumstances. (Go here for an explanation, if you must.)

Then ... to my utter delight ... I found this lovely, ornate tassle that matched the colors of the curtains in primo fashion. On sale. At Stein Mart. Woo. Hoo.

Then ... (yes, even more fun ensues), Mrs. Gee found this darling outdoor set (for the young set) that matches the adirondak style of my porch, for a whopping deal on Amazon. There was a small glitch however. Neither of us noticed that in very small print at the bottom of the screen that the set ... which was pictured in white and exactly what I wanted ... actually only came in red. You can imagine my shock when I opened the box. I didn't return them because Mr. Gee is so fond of them and frankly I am too, but still ... a little bit annoyed, I'm not gonna lie. Would you be??

Oh who cares?!? I still love my patio and even more I love the luscious spring weather we have been enjoying.

Have I mentioned how much I love living with open windows and heavenly breezes? Aaaaaaah.


Mary said...

Trust me ... there WERE pictures.

Stupidhead Blogger.

ginny said...

So fix it, dear chappy.