She got 'em at the seashore, but she is NOT selling 'em.

So ... the pictures seen here were taken (by me) about 12 miles from my home. Twelve miles, people. I know this because I actually got a flat tire not far from this beautiful site and was watching the mileage very ... very ... carefully as I drove home on my "donut". (Thank you son-in-law, Mr. Gee and AAA.)
But once I was over the whole flat tire thing, I sat and pondered the fact that I have this incredible beauty ... nearly at my fingertips.

I am very ... very ... grateful.

And I have this reminder of a tray full of shells (with a most unusual blue hue to them) that thrill me when the 12 miles stands between us.

All good.

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Kelley Bochman Smith said...

It has been WEEKS (maybe almost 2 months) since I have visited. LOVE your posts and so want to come visit you!!!! My hotmail account is hacked and gone with the wind, so please use my glamma.fabulous@gmail account. (and Glampa Fabulous is now Bishop Fabulous!) XOXOXOXO