~ Random Stuff ~

So ... I succumbed again at Target. Can you really blame me?

The mornings in my living room are a little bit of heaven. The light through my "wedding veil" curtains is pretty spectacular.

Mrs. Gee and I made this cake for me to take to a weekday meeting at church. I am really, really popular at church now.

Um ... L'il Mr. Gee can fly. (See here for a picture of Miss Dub1 flying. It must be genetic.) Mr. Gee really likes to bowl. And to smile.

I hope you enjoyed this spattering of shopping, glowing, baking and flying. You've got to admit, that is pretty darned random.
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MarySue said...

Love the "popular" comment...coconut goes a looooong way. Happy day blogfriend.

hilari said...

can't wait to visit you! i'm sooo happy your happy! p.s. blu has mr. gee's same shirt :)