~ Singin' the Blues ~

So ... I have this recurring dream where I move into a new house (that apparently I have just been given) and I keep discovering new rooms that I didn't know existed. How cool is that?! I seriously do have this dream a lot and I'm never wake up unhappy when I do.

This week I discovered a new room in my new house ... that I like to call "the porch". My porch does not have covering so my choices were limited. (The people who bought my AZ house made my patio furniture part of the original deal, so I was starting from scratch.) I finally settled on these resin adirodak chairs with weather proof pillows. Since it was in the 70's all week long, this was a very pleasant room to hang out in. I will say that it would have been a tad more practical for my newly discovered room to be someplace to put my computer, but hey, I'll take sunshine and fresh air and ... blue. I am not complaining.

I potted these hydrangeas that were given to me as a housewarming gift from a (new) friend. Thank you my new friend. Please don't be offended if I accidently kill them.

So ... come on over and sit a spell.
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PamKittyMorning said...

You're going to need an umbrella! There are some pretty yellow ones at Lowes!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Love the porch!!! I have to agree with Pam, there are some cute umbrellas that will go super sweet with your blue chairs.