To Dye For

So ... I have been sewing on my second sample from this book, to be taught at BC Quilter's Club. I'm not teaching it until July, but I like to take it a month early so people can start picking fabrics. Lori Smith used batiks in hers, so I did too. What a delightful process this has been. Batiks are not really my thing. (Although every single one of these came from my stash ... hmmmmm.) I have sewn on them before, but not in such an intricate project (what you're looking at here is only about 16" x 13".) They sew together like butta, I'm telling you, butta. I can really see why people convert to them in 100% fashion.

Speaking of fun things to sew, I saw this in the paper this morning. And I'm thinking ... you know ... Father's Day is just around the corner. I am always trying to help you people out. It's exhausting sometimes.

So ... weigh in on the batiks issue. Thumbs up or down?

And while your at it, any fabric ideas for the pants?

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Angy said...

I'm not sure what a batik is but the quilt turn out beautiful! :)

Loooove the pants lol... although I'm not sure my dad would fully appreciate their awesomeness :P

Pam said...

I used to not like the look of batiks, but have converted to them for certain projects (even the Vines & Flowers quilt). Your quilt is SO much prettier than the one in the book - lighter, brighter colors. I am excited to make it!