He's still a Winner

So ... you may or may not have expected this, but PDaddy won an award last week, honored once again for the great amount of pro bono legal work he did throughout his career. I am pretty certain that he is still working for others ... for free.

Also in the "you may or may not have expected this" is the fact that I finished the second little quilt in record time.

Fun, fun, fun from start to finish.

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Mrs. Dub said...

He's a good man. (Yes, that's present tense. I don't doubt he's still doing good, as you said.)

As for the quilt, kudos. I would send you an award, but I'm cheap.

hilari said...

i think his reputation of goodness will last forever. i hope to follow that wonderful example.

jodi @ Pleasant Home said...

Very Cool. ;o)

brookegfunk said...

he was ( im sure still is ) always willing to help in any way he could ! yay for him!!!!