Oooh ... Shiny

So ... I got some new appliances. Let's just say that they were long overdue. Let's also say that I am in awe of their beauty first and their functionality second.

So why am not cooking up a storm and making plans to be The Next Food Network Star?

Give me time. I'm still trying to get over the fact that every time I pass the fridge, lights reflect off of it and I think it's open. That and the fact that I am having a hard time letting anything smudgeable near the stove top.

I'm sorry Ina. I promise to do you proud.

Just give me some time.
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Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

very nice!

sara said...

How fun! They look great.

brookegfunk said...

Great Addition. I was wondering when you would do appliances. How about hte dishwasher did you do that too?

brookegfunk said...

The last one was me, Kevin if it was Boorke she would say something far more creative than me.

brookegfunk said...

Not boorke, but brooke. Last comment I promise.

Mary said...

Just saw these comments Boorke, er Kevin. The dishwasher is only a couple years old and top o' the line. I may have to replace the front with stainless, but for now I'm OK.