Like a Hole in the Head ...

So ... I went to Target today. To buy one of those little basket dealies that holds chlorine tablets for my swimming pool. Because the old one basically disintegrated.

I found one. I bought it. But ... unfortunately ... that's not all I bought.

I also bought this swell pillow in these swell colors which I pretty much didn't need. At all. Ever. "Was it on sale?" you ask with a bit of cynicism in your voice. Oh ... yes siree ... for a whopping 15% off. Please know that I am aware that means bumkus. It was just a start of my rationalization process that ended when the woman in front of me in line was buying the exact same pillow.

So, it's pretty clear that I was destined to buy it.

Please don't let me go to Target again.

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Anonymous said...

Love your new pillow and I think you should continue to shop at Target . . . it's one of my favorite stores and besides Travis works there so you are helping keep him gainfully employed.
xoxx, R

see you tomorrow

jodi @ Pleasant Home said...

That Pillow Rocks!

Riley Noehren said...

As you know, I have long said that I cannot go to Target without both a strict shopping list and a chaperone for my wallet. I guess I have you to blame for that.