Heaps O'Fun

So ... my sewing room (and possibly my life) is reduced to a series of Piles. Projects that are current, but not neccessarily urgent. Projects and Piles that are beginning to make it harder to work on the next Project and/or Pile. I've already show you a peek of P#1 (above) where it's clear I'm having a whale of a good time.

P#2 continues the beachy theme with some seashells gathered at the ... Stash. You might recognize the striped fabrics that later turned up as cupcake papers here. One cannot have enough pink stripes in their life, that's for sure.

P#3 was started just yesterday, although it's really the only P/P with any urgency. These paper-pieced beauties will be part of a quilt (wall hanging) for my beloved Miss Dub2. She is growing so very fast that I must get it done before she is hanging out in her room with her friends and having a quilt with her name on it seems embarassing. And just in case you are wondering ... her name isn't "MOE".

The funny thing is that these piles do not induce pressure ... only delight. I cannot say the same thing about the piles of papers in the Office.

And that pretty much sums up why I do what I do.

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So ... apparently fabric is not the only thing I lose track of. It's not the only thing in my closet that has slipped into the realms of "what the heck?!?". About a week ago my fabbo sister-in-law was here with her family and the two of us spent a couple of hours up in the kingdom where she very graciously feigned interest while I showed her every little thing I had sewn since possibly the seventh grade.

What an interesting journey that turned out to be.

Take this quilt above, for example. I do believe I made it in early 2004 after PDaddy had given me a book for Christmas on New York Beauties by Valorie Wells + another one on paper piecing. It gave me the opportunity to practice my paper piecing skills and in my head (a very ... very ... dangerous place to be) I was taking a stab at "Art Quilting". My first and last stab, I might add.

I do have to say that I was more pleasantly suprised than horrified when I unearthed it last week, having never given it a single thought since mid-2004. It cools off the kingdom a tad what with the temperatures approaching 110 again.

So do tell ... What's in your closet? If you want to spill on what's in your wallet, I'll listen to that too.
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smells fishy to me ...

So ... the PDaddy has been spending the morning going over his fishing ... stuff. He mutters phrases from time to time that sound vaguely familiar like "Wow, this is older than I thought" ... and ... "where the heck did this come from" and "I can't even remember buying this". I can not tell you how good that made me feel. I tried to confess to him that these are the very phrases that I mutter when I go through The Stash. I'm not sure he heard me.

I didn't repeat it.

As you can see, I have been doing a bit of fishing myself. These beauties from the deep blue sea are my latest hand applique project. I have a somewhat similar machine applique project in the works. I may or may not wear sun screen while working on them.

Does your husband have a hobby/sport/electronic obsession that helps you to justify your own crafty/sewing/paper obsession purchases? Do tell.
(Yes ... I would be the one who placed the package of goldfish to give him something to aim for. He has yet to catch one. You can't say I didn't try to help.)
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So ... it's August. A little cooler than July*. It's Block O' the Month time. Fun time. All gooooood.

I found this block to be particularly delightful, and not just because of the sugar related theme. My favorite part was finding the perfect vanilla frosting in one of the latest (2009) Christmas lines from Moda. (I just happened to have a Charm Pack.) Can you guess which one?

I am very sorry about the lack of other sewing posts. Life's pretty hectic right now but I have planted some seeds on a couple of new quilts. Really I have.

Thanks for your patience.

*(It was not only the hottest July in history around here ... it was the hottest month in history. I kid you not.)
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I've seen the Light ...

So ... the above picture is of my dining room with the light fixture that hung above my table for almost 20 years. If you are wondering just how the heck I was able to clean that thing ... just remember that I asked myself that question for almost 20 years. This year my children came together and bought me a new chandelier for my birthday.

Question: Were they more tired of looking at the dusty panels during family dinners or were they just tired of hearing me complain about it?

Who cares?!? Here's a picture of my new fixture. Easy to clean, twice as much light and best of all ... it doesn't reek of 1991. Thanks kiddos. I will try really ... really ... hard not to find something else to complain about to take its place.
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grandchildren sandwich

So ... I had a pretty incredible week. As I prepared to go to ChiTown to hang out with the newest member of our clan (hereafter known as "Miss Dub2") I played and had fun with L'il Gee who came over to hang out with PDaddy while I was gone.

I had a week full of splendid fun with Miss Dub1 and her beloved sister, Miss Dub2. Please note that in the picture above, that brown thing is not my arm ... it's the chair.

One of the highlights was taking Miss Dub1 to Kids Snips to have a haircut. As you can see, she was very ... very proud.

Then when I arrived home I had a little more time with L'il Gee. Please note that the red thing is not the couch, it's his Dad.

I am missing those GKids right now, that for sure.

Did you know I have three?
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