grandchildren sandwich

So ... I had a pretty incredible week. As I prepared to go to ChiTown to hang out with the newest member of our clan (hereafter known as "Miss Dub2") I played and had fun with L'il Gee who came over to hang out with PDaddy while I was gone.

I had a week full of splendid fun with Miss Dub1 and her beloved sister, Miss Dub2. Please note that in the picture above, that brown thing is not my arm ... it's the chair.

One of the highlights was taking Miss Dub1 to Kids Snips to have a haircut. As you can see, she was very ... very proud.

Then when I arrived home I had a little more time with L'il Gee. Please note that the red thing is not the couch, it's his Dad.

I am missing those GKids right now, that for sure.

Did you know I have three?
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hilari said...

i am beyond in love with those lil' sweeties. i want to hug them and squeeze them and kiss them. in a loving aunt sort of way, not a "i wanna pet the rabbits way."

glad you had fun!

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

the photo of you and the two Miss Dubbs put a HUGE smile across my face. So glad you got to go see them. AND I got to hear all about the cuteness of L'il Gee! Hip-hip-Horay for those wonderful gandbabies! XO

cathleen said...

Sweet picture of you holding your grandbabies! You look totally happy and content.

MarySue said...

I loved your comment about the chair not being your arm. You are funny.

Mrs. Dub said...

i will say that i did think it was your arm at first glance ... so i appreciate the clarification for your readers.

also, i appreciate you coming out and loving on my girls. they sure do miss their Nanny.

brookegfunk said...

They are lucky to have such a great Nanny!Hope they come down soon!!! You can snuggle me if ya get lonesome for 'em I'll curl up like Miss Dub2 ( I'll need a crane and some velcro and a sedative .... but I'll do anything once 'specially if yer' holdin' arms need to do some holdin' ) I can also do a mean month old baby impersonation...if yer' interested

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Mary, they are adorable!! I love her little haircut!