So ... apparently fabric is not the only thing I lose track of. It's not the only thing in my closet that has slipped into the realms of "what the heck?!?". About a week ago my fabbo sister-in-law was here with her family and the two of us spent a couple of hours up in the kingdom where she very graciously feigned interest while I showed her every little thing I had sewn since possibly the seventh grade.

What an interesting journey that turned out to be.

Take this quilt above, for example. I do believe I made it in early 2004 after PDaddy had given me a book for Christmas on New York Beauties by Valorie Wells + another one on paper piecing. It gave me the opportunity to practice my paper piecing skills and in my head (a very ... very ... dangerous place to be) I was taking a stab at "Art Quilting". My first and last stab, I might add.

I do have to say that I was more pleasantly suprised than horrified when I unearthed it last week, having never given it a single thought since mid-2004. It cools off the kingdom a tad what with the temperatures approaching 110 again.

So do tell ... What's in your closet? If you want to spill on what's in your wallet, I'll listen to that too.
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ginny said...

I think all the old projects in my "closet" are actually in one of the closets at your house. Take a look at them if you want. And then laugh. And then get angry at me for leaving them there. Largely unfinished.

Four O'Clock Quilt Company said...

My closet? Stuff! Lots and lots of stuff. The closet has spilled out to the garage! Unfinished projects galore. I found one yesterday, cute little pumpkins done in orange floss with backgrounds of fall colored felt. I still have time before Halloween to finish them, right? Okay, start them, because I never really started them. I live in this miserable (in summer) valley too, and I think I need a project of pumpkins to get me in the fall mood. Oh, to open the doors again for more than letting the cat out and blackwidows in. Oh, to wear a sweater again. You get the picture - I'm ready for cooler temps! I'm with you on that!