Heaps O'Fun

So ... my sewing room (and possibly my life) is reduced to a series of Piles. Projects that are current, but not neccessarily urgent. Projects and Piles that are beginning to make it harder to work on the next Project and/or Pile. I've already show you a peek of P#1 (above) where it's clear I'm having a whale of a good time.

P#2 continues the beachy theme with some seashells gathered at the ... Stash. You might recognize the striped fabrics that later turned up as cupcake papers here. One cannot have enough pink stripes in their life, that's for sure.

P#3 was started just yesterday, although it's really the only P/P with any urgency. These paper-pieced beauties will be part of a quilt (wall hanging) for my beloved Miss Dub2. She is growing so very fast that I must get it done before she is hanging out in her room with her friends and having a quilt with her name on it seems embarassing. And just in case you are wondering ... her name isn't "MOE".

The funny thing is that these piles do not induce pressure ... only delight. I cannot say the same thing about the piles of papers in the Office.

And that pretty much sums up why I do what I do.

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Mrs. Dub said...

Thanks for blognaming my newest addition. I'm glad she's not named Moe, but it is a nickname we've considered for when she's that awkward age when a quilt with your name on it is embarrassing.

Can't wait to see the quilt in person, preferably in your house.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

LOL...MOE...I see it now! I love the colors of the pieces you are making! The whales are just so cute and I giggled when I read the word PDaddy. As for my husband, he rides his motorcycle whenever he gets a chance and prunes the roses. The later is safer. ha.

Keep up the cute work!