Sunny & Bright

So ... what to do in the summertime when the heat starts to fry your brain??

Let's start with a fun, fun summertime read. Gravity vs. the Girl by Riley Noehren is a fabulous (funny and touching) pick and not just because that pink cover is enough fun all by itself. If you have read this, or when you do ... let me know.

Next on the agenda: plant a summer garden, keeping in mind that there is more than one way to acquire a green thumb. Here we have the June block from Miss Sunshine herself ... Anne at Bunny Hill. For free. Yowza.

Last but not least, you could jump in a body of water like a pool or the ocean or a lake. Please take no offense at my suggestion to go jump in a lake ... I mean that in the kindest way, really I do. If no larger body of water is accessible at the moment, simply create some puddles with a water fight. L'il Gee thought that was the best alternative of all during his Father's Day visit.

I have found I am quite adept at creating some puddles by sweating a lot. Wow ... I am just full of practical summer fun suggestions.

Do tell. What are some of your sunny ideas?
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Leslie said...

i have read and loved riley's book. and that lil gee is somethin else. :) so cute.

sara said...

I have also read that book and simply adored it. And then promptly began writing the author plenty of gushing fan mail.

ginny said...


Riley Noehren said...

Thanks for the great plug!