A really big bite from a really big apple

So ... here's a trick question for you: Is the ever-so-lovely picture above ... (a) our home, now that the summer folliage is in bloom, (b) a cottage where small creatures speak in squeaky voices and clean stuff without being asked or (c) Tavern on the Green in Central Park? The answer of course is (c), although we didn't go inside so (b) may still be an option.

Yep, we spent the last 6 days in the Big City. Wow ... is it BIG! What a thrill to see so many things I had read about (and seen on Law & Order) for so many years. (This was my first trip, PDaddy hadn't been there in 30 years.) I am black and blue from the constant pinching. The picture above was taken at the "Top of the Rock" at Rockefeller Center.

This picture of Radio City Music Hall ... not far from our hotel ... was the scene of the Tony Awards just two days later.

This picture is of our lovely and oh-so-serious tour guides, Sonny and Mrs. Boy. It was taken after a most delicious dinner at Joe's Shanghai in Chinatown ... home of the soup dumplings that are so delicious you want to cry.

And just in case you are wondering ... there are blog posts up the ying-yang with just some of the hundreds of pictures we took. Did I mention that we also walked miles and miles and ... miles?

Excuse me while I put my feet up and bask in the memories.

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hilari said...

looks great and i am super jealous. look at yout two world travelers / lovebirds.

steph said...

just so everyone's clear - we did not piinch you until you were black and blue!

now that we have that clear, i can tell you just how awesome it was having you and pdaddy in the big apple... we really did have SO MUCH FUN! thanks for coming; we home you come back really soon!

P Daddy said...

Of course, the poster omitted a couple important lessons from the City.

1. Make sure you let the broth cool in those soup dumplings before diving in or you will cry while your lips melt off your face.

2. Take the first, not the second, opening in the MTA exit turnstile or you could be pinched not only black and blue, but permanently. Well, at least forced to either be removed from the turnstile by the jaws of life, squeeze out and wait 15 minutes before you can use your pass again, or buy another subway ticket when you had already paid for the ride. The last turned out to be a relatively painless solution.

Fortunately Sonny Boy was there to immediately diagnose what had happened and explain how to get "unstuck". But there was a moment of complicated-unhappiness-awayfromhome during the 15 seconds the poster thought she was permanently entombed in the turnstile.

We won't mention how often I got turned around, walked the wrong direction, took the wrong exit, or how I got on the express train instead of the local and we couldn't get off until we were in the middle of Harlem, six stops past our station. But Columbia and CCNY are there, too, and, like their thouands of students, we survived just fine. In fact, I can't think of a single moment of feeling threatened or uneasy on the whole trip. Out of our element a few times--which was good for us--and on the fringe a couple of times--which was probably good for us, too. But our wonderful hosts and their directions, suggestions, and companionship (and food and home) alleviated not only the apprehension but also the frustration and made it a wonderful, wonderful trip--enjoying all the people and experiences and diversity and richness and texture that only a truly big city can provide.

melissa said...

P&S should start a NYC tour company...they are just that good!

Angy said...

awww looks like you guys had a splendid time! :) can't wait til i can make it back out there! :D