June's Official Ambassador

So ... June has busted out all over and I'm just tickled pink. A whole summer ahead to absorb some vitamin D, fry some eggs on the sidewalk and take a few side trips. Which shall it be first? A little sand between our toes?

A little wind in our sails?

Or this one. And just what could this one be?

Do tell.

Welcome to June. What are your June destinations?

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Alisa said...

No June destinations planned yet. But, I just had to laugh at your musical reference (Carousal). We have been singing "June is busting out all over" all day. Great musical, great song.

Jodi@SimplyThisThat n.. said...

I get to leave Friday! Headed to the ocean and I can't wait!

steph said...

we're so happy to have you in the big apple! thanks for coming...

we have a trip to lincoln, ne planned; hopefully we can take a day to explore the telephone museum.