A week late and a peep short ...

So ... I just now finished my April Block for the Bunny Hill Block of the Month that I am officially addicted to. I am not unaware that this whole post would have been a tad more appropriate about 10 days ago ... so sue me. Why the delay??

A) I may or may not have tried to actually eat the chocolate bunny.

B) I had issues. One false start and one round of sewing at the same time I was on the phone with my sister. Not recommended.

C) I was more concerned during this time period with figuring out how to post my B.O.M pics on the Flickr group. Thanks to Jodi and to PDaddy ... and to me* ... I accomplished my goal.

D) I spent a great deal of time patting myself on the back for the *very small part that I did play in the techno-figuring which was time I could have spent sewing. Did you not see my Flickr "Badge"?

E) I also had two other projects going at the same time.

F) My machine went kaput in the middle of the whole dang thing.

Hey ... it's still April and I'm going with that.

So ... does anyone else rationalize as much as me and/or try to sew while talking on the phone??

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Jodi@SimplyThisThat n.. said...

Hey! Way cool flickr badge there Ms. Mary! And heck no! I no longer sew and talk on the phone. I learned my lesson on that one. LOL. Love your BOM! ooxx`jod

P Daddy said...

Maybe if we got you a headset it would make simultaneous talking on the phone and sewing a bit easier. Although that would only free up your hands--it wouldn't make it any easier to concentrate on two things at once. The real dilemma would be whether to get the headset for the phone or the sewing machine. We have speech to text; can speech to stitch be far behind?? But we should stop there. Thought to stitch would likely create too much need to rip out mental images or phrases that shouldn't be permanently committed to fabric.