World Oceans Day

So ... I'm not gonna lie. I had pretty much decided to give the ol' girl the boot. Meaning, The Blog. Meaning, why the heck am I posting yet again?

Because tomorrow is World Oceans Day and I felt a strong obligation to give the day a salute ... in fabric.

Thank you Ocean. I am so, so fond of your breezes.

And your never-ending inspiration.

Go here to get a coupon for a free Rubios reusable tote bag. Tomorrow. On World Oceans Day.

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Angy said...

Oh that would be a sad day, if you left your blog. Yay for the beach to keep you going :)

ginny said...

I second what Angy said. Glad you're not taking the ocean for granted. Yet.

Karine said...

Don't quit blogging! Love to read what's going on at your new home.