~ June - Over the Moon ~

So ...

this just might be part of the reason that ...

I am happy to be here.

In California, one can not mention "June" without the mention of "June Gloom" which means that every (so far at least) June day starts out with a dreary, overcast sky which melts away to sunshine later in the day. I'm not gonna lie ... I'm less than fond of the gray morning skies, and totally surprised at how chilly those mornings are. This AZ girl was used to triple digits by ten.

However ... there is something to be said for the thrill of anticipation as the day grows. On Saturday, the sun was out before high noon, so I immediately headed to the beach. I really, really wish I had a scratch n' sniff blog so that I could share with you the heavenly scent of the waves. You will have to settle for these (unretouched) photos instead.

Gloom? I don't think so.
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Angy said...

Oh so jealous! Those are beautiful pictures :) Enjoy your beach for the rest of us :P