Sibling Revelry

So ... here are some pictures of my perfectly precious grandchildren, showing some sibling love. In the above pic, we have Miss Dub1 and Miss Dub2 holding hands, with their fingers intertwined. (Mrs. Dub did point out that this pose is likely to lead to Miss Dub2 trying to bite Miss Dub1's hand) ... but for the moment, let's just enjoy it for what it is ... perfection.

And here we have L'il Gee striking a "this is how big my pregnant belly is" pose. For now (and for the next 6 weeks) this is the best kind of bonding I am going to see between L'il Gee and his L'il Sis.

They both make me just a L'il Teary-Eyed. How about you?

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sara said...

How exciting for the Gees!

You've sure got some cute grandkids :)

LilMisfit said...

Thanks for the pics of the grandkids! Love to see them!

Riley Noehren said...

I've seen the bigger version of that L'il Gee pic and, in it, he is standing next to his preggo mom who is striking the same pose. While I'm sure Mrs. Gee is very glad you edited her out, it was a pretty cute on of them together.