Are there not Child Labor Laws?

So ... the holidays have come and gone but all of my children have not. That's right, Ms. Gee/Are is hanging around for the next month or so while in between jobs and cities. I cannot begin to tell you just how much fun it has been. I will refrain, so as to not seem overly smug.

As part of a Christmas afterthought, I got these new kitchen chairs. Let's just say that the old ones were becoming a danger to those who chose to sit upon them. And ... they were becoming ugly. Thanks to the bargain hunting savvy of Mrs. Gee, (different daughter) I was practically able to steal them.

But judiciously chose not to.

Part of the bargain is the fact that they arrive in boxes ... without the legs attached. That's 24 legs if you are counting. I was.

On Wednesday night, while I was out partying, (with a bunch of quilters from here, do not ... I repeat do not ... get excited about my partying ways) Ms. Gee assembled each and every chair. And THIS is how she paid for it.

I seriously would be more sorry about that if I wasn't so pleased as punch with how they look. Thank you, thank you, daughter dearest.

Would any of you like to vicariously join us in a Law & Order/30 Rock/ Divine Design marathon?? Just asking.

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Riley Noehren said...

You forgot the part where I was lying on the floor in back pain the next day, saying I was too old to surprise you anymore. But they ARE really great chairs.

PamKittyMorning said...

Happy New Year dearie! xo

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

LOVE those chairs! "They" say that all rooms need highlights of the color black and I agree. XO