three twinkly trees, no partridge

So ... it was up to me to do the outside lights.

And I live in a pretty competitive neighborhood. Not "make the evening news" competitive, but competitive, none the less.

PDaddy was fond of keeping up ... to a point ... which involved lights strung along the outside eaves, which go to 2 stories high above the front door. I knew that my 5'2" frame was not up to the task, so I changed the game plan to involve three twinkly trees, one of which we had already. I added some lights around the front door and stood back to ooh and aah while simultaneously patting myself on the back.

So far the neighbors have been kind. Let's face it, their's only look brighter by comparison.

So how competitive is your neighborhood? Are you feeling Merry & Bright??
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PamKittyMorning said...

I'm sure they look cheery! We don't have a lot of lights around the neighborhood, just here and there. We used to do more lights when Frankie was at home butnow that she lives on her own its not the same. Silly I know. Things just get away from us. Thinking of you. xo

hilari said...

i think they look lovely. by the way, you deserve a pat on the back.