It's beginning to look a lot like ...

So ... I've done a bit of decorating this weekend. I will shop tomorrow to replenish my supply of Advil. In the meantime I will bask in the twinkly lights and try very hard not to move.

"S" stands for Santas in the Sunshine.

Yes, Virginia, it does snow in Arizona ... right on the kitchen table.

See ... a little bit landed in the living room and stuck to these trees.

Santa is not amused.

Turn on some Bing ... I promise it will cure the most aching of aching backs.

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Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

Oh yeah, give me some BING!!! I've been listening to the holiday music station on TV and it gloriously plays all my favorite oldies all day long! (must of only snowed in Scottsdale....)

hilari said...

i have been forcing this household to have christmas music on pretty much from sunrise to sunset and i couldn't be happier.

MarySue said...

Wishing you peace and happiness.

Anonymous said...
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