Wish I was here.

So ... I'm not here. At the the beach, that is. I am actually here in the blasted-hot sun where it is indeed 115 degrees today.

Today I forgot to put up my windshield sun shade up while I was in church. Today I burned the back of my legs on the seat and had to use a wadded up program to shift gears.

Today I really wish I could smell some sea air instead of the sweet scent of the hair being singed on my arms. Today is the day I was talking about in February when I gave you guys the admonition to remind me how wonderful it really is to live in Arizona.

Forgetaboutit. Today I can not be convinced that there is an upside.

Today I just want to whine.

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Jodi@SimplyThisThat n.. said...

O.K. if you can whine. I can whine. Today it is Gray, Dark, Cloudy, COLD as in 50' this morning. WET. As in it rained almost all day yesterday. Starting at about midnight the night before. It is also windy. It truly feels like um, probably February right now. I almost wore my tights and boots to church yesterday. In July? Heavens no. so I wore my cute little white sandals and my cute little white cardigan, and froze my toosh off! And got my feet wet. I have a list a mile long. I feel like hibernating. Not a good way to start a Monday. So this is me reminding you how wonderful it is to live in Arizona! Well at least I think it would be. What's that? The grass is always greener? LOL Well for real it is here! Maybe we could find a happy medium somewhere? O.K. I've whined. Feel much better! Thanks! LOL ooxx`jod

PamKittyMorning said...

Whine away! That weather is something to whine about!

Miss Jean said...

I have been to Phoenix in February and that was hot enough for me. I know some people love to live there or in Las Vegas but for the life of me I don't know why. It's supposed to be 106 here in central California today. So at least we can hop over to the coast to Monterey which is what we are doing tomorrow. I'd take you with us if I could.

ginny said...

I am "here" (well, close to the beach, that is). The weather is pretty good but the traffic is bad and there's a homeless man in my driveway. Still want it?