Blatant Plagerism

So ... due to a lack of personal blog-worthy material ... plus the fact that I have the most intelligent/funny/creative/darling/slightly-weird children/grandchildren in the world, I am just going to direct you to go here so that you can lift your weary holiday spirits without further ado.

If you are not personally acquainted with my progenity, here are a few navigating tips ...

* The bearded Elf is my son, Sonny Boy and yes, he always makes those faces in photos. The fact that he didn't in (most of) his wedding photos was nothing short of a miracle.

* Yes, this is why I love my Sonny Boy so much.

* Mrs. Boy is the other adult who put together this bit of revelry and so it's pretty obvious why I love her so much.

* The two children involved are not their children, but they are knee-deep into a campaign to win the "Favorite Aunt/Uncle Competition" and this could pretty much cinch it.

*Miss Dub has her finger up her nose in the first video and has not mysteriously grown a trunk.

* Li'l Gee looks like two different children in the two videos, but that is just my multi-faceted baby boy.

So go. Indulge. Make yourself Merry!

Your welcome.


steph said...

hahaha. these do crack me up.

brookegfunk said...

Um..... Awesome!!!!!! I always knew Steph was a talented lady but the fact that each has different pic's is dedication! I cant wait to see the whole fam!!!!!

salmagundi said...

Funny stuff!! Sally