running on empty

So ... it appears my blog has turned into a brag-fest about my adorable, precocious grandchildren.

Eh ... get over it.

As you can see by the above picture ... the crib is now empty, the knick-knacks are back in their place, the floor is free of random pieces of cereal, and the hearts of the current residents are heavy indeed. We have our memories, however ... including the following:

On the last night that Miss Dub was with us, PDaddy and I were asked to babysit while Mrs. Dub spent some time with Mrs. Jay. We distracted her while her mommie slipped out by letting her jump on our bed and land in the large pile of pillows. Except that on the last jump, she overshot the pillows and smacked her head into the headboard. (Hmmm, is that why they call it that?) We quickly applied some ice (never an easy trick with a 17 month old) and enjoyed the rest of our evening without the assistance of paramedics.

The next morning when she woke, she immediately offered forth a recounting of the entire story. It went exactly like this:

Nanny. Papa.

Yep. Nanny. Papa.

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P Daddy said...

And, with the departure this weekend of grand uncle (great uncle? Well, he is a great uncle) Cee (or as, Miss Dub calls him, "Krig") to live with the very gracious grand aunt Cee, so that we can concentrate on my battle on the health front, it will be very, very lonely, and the first time in a very long time that we have truly been empty nesters.

But hopefully we will have visitors, including the wee kind, again soon.

Anonymous said...
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steph said...

i love that story. miss dub is so smart, and her storytelling abilities are top notch!

Angy said...

i'd have to agree with steph here! it was quite an intriguing story!

as for the empty nesters... i can volunteer to come over and cook dinner one night :) then it might not seem so lonely. but then again, you may actually enjoy some quiet :P you let me know ;)

Stephanie said...

i think we need to launch an official get-the-dubs-to-move-to-az-campaign. you in?

ginny said...

Great story Miss Dub--right to the point, no extra words needed, not even verbs.

And I never realized that PDaddy was the only kid in the Ess Sr. fam who wasn't a Cee. Weird.

Kate said...

Miss Dub is so advanced. Once again a lovely post. I'm glad you had some visitors... and hopefully they will come back soon.