the Ride of a lifetime

So ... last night we opted for something easy and decided to take Miss Dub to the local mall to eat at the Food Court and play at the Playground. As we came out of the parking lot and were headed to said Food Court, we could see that there was a Carousel and wondered if Miss Dub would enjoy that also. Since the Carousel was in view of where we were sitting, the answer became very apparent.

"Done, Mommy!! Done!"

She seemed to enjoy her initial ride (pictured above ... on a tiger) and we headed off to the Playground.

Needless to say ... she relished her time there too. As did we. Her favorite activity was "jumping" off the flowers (below) which caused her a great deal of anxiety and/or pride.

Before we left, there was one last ride on the Carousel ... this time atop a bunny. She was beaming.

The best part of the night however, was on the way home. She never ... ever ... quit talking about her experience. Fifteen minutes of one long sentence punctuated by lots of "Ride! Ride" and "Bye, Ride" and the occasional "Jumping, jumping!".

It wasn't until I was lying in bed thinking about it that I realized that she had never once whined or wimpered about leaving the Carousel or the Playground, she was just grateful to have had the experience.

OK. Mental note. Emulate Miss Dub.
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steph said...

love my favorite miss dub! she is SO awesome and cute and fun and grown up... soOo sad that she won't be in chi-town when i am, but pdaddy and simplehappy deserve time with her (probably much more than i do).

thanks for the photos. can't wait to take her to disneyland.

oh, i've decided... we need to take a family trip to disneyworld, as my boss can get us into the park 2 hours before it opens to ride the rides as many times as we want... and space mtn is going away for two years in october (it's already gone in d-land). who's in?

Kate said...

I LOVE this post. I love your words. And I love that little Miss Dub.

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

Miss Dubb could be called "Miss Socialite", "Miss Personality Plus" or "Miss Just Too Cute for Words". She's such a doll and it's like she's a magnet, she just draws you in and I for one, could just sit and watch her play with the other kids forever.

Tara said...

Some of the smallest trips can make them so happy!


P Daddy said...

She's still talking about the ride. Today in Church I pointed out a very small carousel and ferris wheel in the background of a picture in a book about a pig family and she was suddenly reliving the whole experience again. She is such a joy and such a full and complete little personality, even with a 50-100 word vocabulary.

sara said...

That is a great quality - I hope she keeps up that attitude! And, I love her clothes and am so impressed that she owns climate-appropriate attire for AZ! I bet you'll have such fun together during this visit :)

hilari said...

i love my little miss. i want to play with her right now! what a good life lesson. i take most of my inspiration from a dub.