All Sea Worthy!!


If I admit that I have been a very, very bad blogger over here at simplehappy home ... will you forgive me?

If I tell you that I have been sewing my brains out ... and have proof ... will that help?

If I tell you that I have recently opened an Etsy Shop at SeaQuiltsShop.etsy.com to sell patterns of my work, will you call that blatant self-promotion?

Will you forgive me for that if I show you even more interesting, important and beautiful pictures
from the sea, from the sea, from the beautiful sea?

Miss Dub1 and Miss Dub2.
They're huge!

Miss Dub3.  Not even 10 months old and beginning to walk.
Are you a Goonies fan?  Do you recognize that rock in the background?

Mr. Gee at the river last weekend.  Not actually driving that machinery.
Actually being the precious boy that he is.

The Sweet P.  Looking like the star that she is.

Thanks.  I am just going to assume that your answers to the above questions are the very ones I was hoping to hear.

They are ... Right? 
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stive martin said...

So cute children pictures. I really feel happy to see all the pictures.

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