~ Proud Nanny strikes again ~

So ... today is Miss Dub2's Birthday. Her second birthday. The fact that she will tell you she is 4 1/2 is of no consequence.

And in true "Dub" fashion she lives up to her name. As you can see in the picture above, she is indeed ... Wonderful.

She is also a Wizard of many talents: making you laugh, getting into trouble, and telling you ahead of time that she plans to get into trouble ... which can only make you laugh. "Don't watch, Mom. I'm gonna be naughty."

And ... Wuving. Miss Dub2 is very, very ... wuving. As you can see, she cares for her young cousin as if there were actually more than just over a year between them. Someday they'll be roommates in college and that 1+ year will make very little difference.

Happy Birthday my sweet Dubster!!

May you have your day in the sun before your mom pops out that new Dubster.

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Mrs. Dub said...

Aw, thanks. We sure do love that little girl. She is one of a kind. (I only seem to make spunky spirits. Hmmm ... karma?)

Thanks for being an excellent Nanny. All the Dubbies love you!

stephanie said...

I couldn't get enough of that little girl when I saw the Dubs last month in Utah. Mrs. Dub sure makes good ones!

Angy said...

Happy Happy Birthday Miss Dub2!! <3

ginny said...

Great tribute to Miss Dub2! Happy birthday!