Don't Give Up on Me Yet!!

So ... I am alive and well and I am a Californian, but what I am not yet ... is a homeowner. My negotiations hit some snags (Short sale? I don't think so!) but in the meantime I am not home-less, due to the extremely pleasant hospitality of the Gees.

My things are safely stored in AZ still which means the suitcase I threw together to last me less than a week ... is having a difficult time lasting 3 weeks. If anyone wants to know, I just really, really like these pants.

The move itself went smooth as can be and my wicked head cold notwithstanding, I continue to feel very blessed. I sleep in a room with a delightful 3.5 year old and I get to cuddle the above pictured bundle of joy any old time I want.

And just in case you were wondering ... the above picture can be explained by one of the following options ... you guess which one.

a) The new homeowners bought several pieces of my furniture and I needed to make sure they didn't make the move.
b) My attachment to the above pictured remote knows no bounds.
c) Nobody puts L'il Miss Gee on a truck ... nobody!

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MarySue said...

What a terrific attitude you have in all this delay...loving those pants, great. I only wish you well. Happy new year and eventually new home.

Angy said...

So glad to hear you made it safely! Hope your home buying experience goes a little more smoothly than it started out. Good luck!! :)

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

We are always thinking of you. I know things will work out for you, I'm just sorry for the fustration of it all. Book club tomorrow without you. Almost thought about not going, so dear friend, I can not wait to visit you!!! XOXO