~ I'm dreaming of a ... boxed ... Christmas ~

So ... it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas all right, but let's just say that the view is much better at the Gee's house than my own. I am considering stacking my boxes in a tree-like shape and draping a green blanket over them. What do you think?

I sure had fun being "roommates" with this Li'l Guy, who took his tree decorating duties very ... very ... seriously. ("Mom! Is it time to decoration the tree yet?!")

His Li'l Sis looked on and gave occasional critiques, utilizing her uber high fashion tastes.

And some spit-up.

I do plan to create a small, peaceful Christmas area amidst all the chaos. I do believe that was the purpose of the stable, was it not?

I wish you all a lovely season and the chance to decoration to your hearts content.

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A Joyful Chaos said...

Christmas chaos is some of the best though! :)

Loya said...

How did I never know you had a blog? Love it!

Riley Noehren said...

Love that baby Gee. Glad you had fun. Think the blanket over the boxes is a grand idea.