~ I {Heart} New York ~

So ... don't think for one single minute that my lack of blogging activity is due to my need to pack, organize and ... pack.

No sirree ... in the middle of the TONS of things to do right now, I took a week off and spent some time with friends and family in NYC.

I have not a single regret and I do have a plethora of fabulous memories. (I won't say exactly how many of them involve food, but just think ... plethora.)

The occasion for our trip was the 20th Friend-a-versary of my daughter, Mrs. Dub and her bestie, Mrs. Jay. Mrs. Jay's mother ... my bestie ... rounded out our foursome. Sonny Boy and the Mrs. served as our local tour guides. And by "tour guides", I also mean "heavenly food guides."

But don't be expecting much from me in the near future.

Seriously ... I have GOT to pack.
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Angy said...

What an awesome "excuse" for a vacation! I think I might have to borrow that :)

Kate said...

Oh, that's so much fun! I'm a wee bit jealous. I'm a great packer if you need some help. :)

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

I had a FABULOUS time. There isn't a single thing I would have changed. Love you my friend.